My workshop

This text is about my workshop “Build your own snowman”.

I was worried when I read the tasks of Module 2… we had to do our own workshop!!!

I like building things so I thought that it would be a good idea learn to build something in my workshop… and I believed that an snowman was funny and interesting.

Then, I prepared the materials. I wanted to write a notecard (Elious helped me with the English) and a script (I modificated one that Xabier had given me in the Module 1).

In my opinion the workshop was very good, there were five avatars (six at the beginning but one of them had to go).



Three aspects presented particular challenges for me:

– communicate between avatars, not between people.

– solve the unforeseen.

– speak and made the materials in English.

I think that the participants are happy with his/her learning. For example, Cris (Sunflower Gurbux) wrote this comment in the wiki:

I enjoyed the workshop because it was easy to follow. Azu did a good job, because it was for beginners. At the end of the workshop I felt quite well because I almost completed my snowman. So she was a good teacher, she corrected us, she lead us.


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My house in the middle of the Sky…

Mumi (my avatar) is very happy. She has got her own house (in the middle of the Sky).

At first, she only had got a simple platform….


But now, she has got a nice house with a lovely garden…


You can visit Mumi’s house in

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An snowman

Yesterday I build an snowman in MUVEnation place. It was very funny!!

First, I made two white balls… the body and the head.


Second I build two small black balls for the eyes…


Third, I made a hat and a carrot nose…


To end I created a poster with a photo of penguins.

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Building objects

Today I’ve had my first experience in building objects. It was so exciting!

Ere and Alpha helped me and I’ve built a small stool. Then, I did three copies and all of us sat in them:

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Ice Skating Rink

A new a very exciting experience in SL…





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I’m member of the group called Cedro and I believe that the collaboration has been good.

  • Was it easy to define objectives and criteria?

I think that it was easy.  All of us wanted the same and we had an agreement quickly.

  • How did you distribute the work?

I couldn’t participate in the inicial search because I lost our “first date”.

In the second meeting we decided that everyone looked for two educational places.

In the third meeting we showed our places to the others.

In the fourth meeting we spoke about the “travel guide” and we distribuited the work: I did an SlideShare (you can see it at the bottom of this page) and my colleague did the wiki.

  • How did you feel about your own participation?

I’m feel good about my own collaboration because I think that I gave my best.

  • How did you feel about other participation?

I understand that all of us have complicated schedule but I think that the important is that people participate according to their possibilities.

  • Where there any problems, or misunderstandings?

There weren’t problems or misunderstanding I think that all of us have been fine in this group.

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Hi! My name’s Azu and I’m from Barcelona (Spain).

I’m a teacher. Since 2003 I have worked with children between 3 and 6 year old and we used a lot the new technologies.

Now I’m working at school of adults and I’m teaching Spanish to foreign people.

I’m very interested in this course because I think that it’s very original and useful.

Sorry for my poor English!

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